mining hardware – unanswered bitcoin questions

i read a lot about bitcoins and mining and nodes but there are a few questions that are still not answered, which are the following:
1-as i read when a transaction is broadcasted, at first it gets confirmed by active nodes and later goes to mempool and miners pick the ones with higher fees, so the question is when i make a transaction on a website how can i make sure that the website is broadcasting my transaction? maybe the site is holding it because it has high fee so that he can include it in his own block.
2-i noticed that nodes are becoming fewer every day , does this mean when they become less the security of bit coin or its value will decrease ?
3-in order to become a miner, do you have to be a node too? has a crazy fast hash rate does it even worth it to get into mining?
5-say i want to become a miner with a chance of solving at least one block in a month, approximately how much should i invest ? and should i buy cloud space or mine on my own ?

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